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Thermo Fisher Scientific provide a comprehensive service offering to support your testing needs

What's included?

Excellent customer service

On-site technical support and remote diagnostics via Phadia LabCommunity for fast resolution of technical issues

Ensure consistent results over time

Quality Club offers an assessment program that monitors laboratory performance to help maintain reliable, accurate test results

Your needs are our top priority

Thermo Fisher Scientific work in partnership with you, to help educate your staff and customers

Phadia LabCommunity

Phadia LabCommunity helps minimise the risk of losing valuable data and time.

Features include:

  • Proactive system health status check
  • Encrypted remote collection of data needed for service and support purposes
  • Automatic removal of sensitive data before collecting data
  • Remote assistance for online activities
  • Automatic reporting of Quality Club results to Thermo Fisher Scientific

This is how it works:

Systems to be monitored A client software is installed on the System PC. The software contacts our server at regular intervals and sends system status information. Communication is always initiated from the client software. All firewalls at your laboratory can be fully active with no port exceptions, apart from letting outbound traffic through on port 443 to our server.
The Internet The System PC uses the Internet to communicate with our server. All communication is encrypted, using https, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The communication can be set up in a number of ways e.g. through the laboratory network, DSL connection or 3G mobile connection.
Our server Our server is protected by a firewall. To ensure that it is our server that is contacted by the System PC at your laboratory our server uses a SSL server-side certificate issued by VeriSign. Our server is protected by restrictions in access rights.
Our service and support specialist The Phadia LabCommunity functionality is only accessible within our company IP address range. Only authorised service and support specialists have access to Phadia LabCommunity.

Diagnostic Support Service and Special Allergen Service

The application laboratory is accesible for all autoimmunity customers worldwide for re-testing of samples to resolve unclear results For many years, we have offered customers certain allergens not currently included in the list of regular allergens through the Special Allergen Service (SAS). SAS allergens are for research use only and produced upon request. They are always quality-controlled with at least one positive serum from a patient with documented clinical symptoms, as well as a number of negative control samples. For more information, please contact your local ImmunoDiagnostics representative.

Quality Club

Through a system of monthly reports, participating labs can evaluate their testing procedures to help maintain reliable, accurate test results. Members of Quality Club are part of the world's largest testing community; a community committed to monitoring and maintaining high quality testing performance. With a membership of over 800 laboratories in more than 50 countries, Quality Club helps set the international standard for diagnostic testing. As a member of Quality Club, you will receive a program kit containing reagents and materials for 4 months' use. Each month, simply assay serum from 1 or 2 vials and register the results on ImmunoDiagnostics website. You will then receive:
Detailed, confidential monthly reports that will help to monitor laboratory performance
12-month summary reports to assess long-term performance
Priority access to local and international support teams that provide direct, hands-on assistance

Becoming a member of Quality Club is easy and open to all ImmunoDiagnostics customers. Simply contact your local sales representative or e-mail the central Quality Club Administrator.

Quality Club programs currently available include ImmunoCAP Specific IgE, ImmunoCAP Total IgE, ImmunoCAP ECP, and EliA Autoimmunity. Please contact your local representative for further information about Quality Club.

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