The Threshold

What may seem as the obvious trigger may just be the "tip of the iceberg". Since most atopic individuals are allergic to more than one allergen, it is important to identify all the allergens that contribute to the symptoms to ensure optimal symptom relief.

  • Up to 80% of allergic patients are sensitized to, on average, 3 allergens1,2
  • Food and inhalant allergens may have additive effects3,4

Exposure Reduction

Patient experiences symptoms when threshold is exceeded

The allergen symptom threshold is the point at which the cumulative alllergen load leads to symptoms4


After exposure reduction

By reducing exposure to modifiable triggers, symptoms can be avoided3,4

Identifying the sensitising allergens will help you outline an avoidance plan to keep patients below symptom threshold

History alone is not enough

Allergen testing improves accuracy of results vs. patient history alone5


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Identifying the sensitising allergens will help you outline an avoidance plan to keep patients below symptom threshold


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