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View short presentations from key experts in GI disease


  • Dr John O'Malley - Introduction to Coeliac Disease

    Dr John O'Malley offers a brief overview of coeliac disease and the potential benefits to patients of accurate diagnosis

  • Dr Jamie Dalrymple

    Dr Jamie Dalrymple, Chair of the Primary Care Society Gastroenterology (PCSG), discusses the effects that coeliac disease can have sub-fertility in this patient case.

  • Dr John O'Malley

    Dr John O’Malley, GP, ex-hospital practitioner and member of the NICE committee on screening for coeliac disease, explains how IBS may actually be a symptom of an underlying condition.

  • Dr Shazadi Saleem

    Dr Shahzadi Saleem compares two patients with similar gastroenterological symptoms and talks about the use of appropriate testing to distinguish IBS from coeliac disease.

  • Dr Tia McGregor

    Dr Tia McGregor talks about the prevalence and identification of cases of coeliac disease with type 1 diabetes - estimated at between 0.97 and 6.4%.

  • Dr Richard Stevens

    Dr Richard Stevens discusses the complexities of co-existing autoimmune thyroid disorders and coeliac disease in this patient case study.

  • Dr Richard Stevens

    Were you aware that an estimated 5-22% of first-degree relatives of coeliac patients ALSO have the disease? Learn more in this second presentation from Dr Richard Stevens

  • Dr Ramesh Arasaradnam

    Dr Ramesh Arasaradnam discusses the expert panel of recommended tests and provides an overview of do's and don'ts on performing faecal calprotectin testing.

  • Dr John O'Malley

    Dr John O'Malley discusses the clinical benefits of faecal calprotectin testing.

  • David Thorne

    David Thorne discusses the cost benefits of faecal calprotectin testing.

  • Helen Griffiths

    Dr Helen Griffiths, Nurse Consultant in Gastroenterology, discusses the NICE, PCSG, BSPGHAN and BSG recommendations on testing to identify and monitor coeliac disease.

  • Rosie Walker

    Rosie Walker, Diabetes Nurse Specialist talks about the identification and management of patients with coeliac disease and type 1 diabetes.

  • Marianne Williams

    Marianne Williams, NHS and private specialist community gastroenterology dietitian suggests how to manage patients using a gluten-free diet and the potentially severe consequences of unnecessary dietary restrictions.

  • Professor Colm O'Morain

    Professor Colm O'Morain, Consultant Gastroenterologist and Emeritus Professor of Medicine at Trinity College, Dublin. Founding member of the European Board of Gastroenterology, and Member of the governing board for the Biomedical Alliance for Health Research talks about testing and management in GI conditions.